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No Pain, No Gain

1 on 1 Training

with Dalma

As a Personal Trainer I know the importance of paying full attention to my clients, everyone is an individual.

With this service I can promise you will get this attention, personalized fitness plan, coaching in nutrition and lifestyle. We will put together the plan, targeting your goals, using exercises you prefer doing but also challenging enough for you. 

The program will gradually build up to avoid reaching a plateau, so your body keeps on adapting and therefore improving. You will definitely feel the change in your body and life once start training with me!




Kettlebell Training




Core Stability



what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“I have started to use the gym for 4 months with the help of Dalma. Since then I am feeling myself more fit, energised. I like training with her a lot, she can motivate me a 100%, even doing the exercises with me, pushing me to the limits! But she is not only a Trainer for me, she is a very good friend of mine. I can recommend to everyone who wants to train with a super Personal Trainer!”

Bea Frona

”I started training with Dalma in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up. Using kettlebells and various bodyweight exercises, my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have discussed. I have learnt so much from Dalma, she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. Dalma is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational…and I can’t recommend her enough.”

Jody Findley

“Dalma made me to start using the gym, before that I haven’t used gym at all. After her suggestion I was thinking all night that probably she is right I need to start exercising, get more fit. Since then I have been training with her. I love that she can always show some new exercises in the sessions plus she can always push me to perform my 120%! So now I can see the results in the mirror.”

Tamas Vigh

” I have recently started training with Dalma as my personal trainer. I quickly noticed a difference in both my body and energy. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm pushed me to focus on my strengths and improve my weaknesses. I would highly recommend if anyone is having trouble stepping past their limit and need to learn how to get the most out of their workouts.”

Anna Szucs

” I was looking for motivation and a proper plan of exercises in order to improve my physical condition and that’s why I joined Dalma’s PT sessions. I am very happy I did it because Dalma proved to have the knowledge and the capacity to motivate, teach and adjust the exercise to what’s best for me each moment. With a hard and wide range of exercises I dont get bored, keep pushing myself and was able to lose weight and gains muscle at the same time. Dalma is a young talented PT professional. Highly recommended. 🙂 “

Marco Vintem

“Dalma has been a positive influence my life, her session has brought a lot of fun and energy for me. I trained with Dalma for 4 weeks before my holiday and I could see I had more energy and better stamina developed in the short time. She understood my challenges with busy life and was very accommodation. Thank you for your time. Look forward to train with you again.”

Subha Balakrishnan

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